health and wellness through cbd 

Learn how cbd can change your life for the better

Welcome to the Healing Tree, My name is Tina Martin. I opened the Healing Tree after working working at a chiropractic office that offered CBD. Part of my job there was to research the CBD products so that I could answer questions for patients. As my knowledge grew, i wondered if it could benefit my own family. So, about a year ago I started giving  my mom a full spectrum oil. The effects I noticed were dramatic. My mom was able to replace her stomach medications, anti-depressants, and painkillers with the CBD oil.

To make a long story short, I started recommending it to other friends and family and saw it change their lives for the better. That led to the opening of the Healing Tree. I have become extremely passionate about telling others about this amazing array of products.

CBD has so many uses. From pain relief to relief of anxiety and depression symptoms. It can also assist with weight loss and management of diabetes. Can relieve acid and bile reflux. Ease symptoms of stomach disorders. And so much more. It really is an amazing product and my heartfelt desire is to see people attain true health and relief from chronic conditions