What is strong acidic water?

Strong acidic water is a type of electrolyzed water containing hypochlorous acid produced by the anodes. It is produced as a result of adding electrolysis enhancer to the electrolysis reaction. In general, the pH is below 2.7 and the ORP is over 1,100mV. It is not a strong acidic chemical substance.

What is strong Kangen water?

Strong Kangen water is a type of electrolyzed water with an electron potential containing sodium hydroxide produced by the cathode. In general, the pH is over 11.0 and the ORP is 700mV or less. It is not a strong alkaline substance.

What is ORP?

ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) is a value that measures the proportion of oxidizing ions (such as chloride ions) and reduction ions (such as calcium ions) in a solution. If this is a negative value, this solution is an electron donor and can be easily oxidized. If this is a positive value, the solution is an oxidizing solution and can be easily reduced. This value is shown in mV (millivolt) and is used as a reference to display the degree of chemical reaction.


You are what you drink…

The human body is comprised of over 70% water. So it should come as no surprise that the quality of the water you drink can have an impact on your health. Think about a fish tank. If it’s properly maintained with clean water, at a proper pH, you’ll have healthy fish. But if the water gets out of balance or polluted, the fish can get sick. The solution? You can try to fix the water, or you can drain the tank and start over with fresh healthy water and probably some new fish. It’s a similar concept with our bodies. If you consume large quantities of acidic beverages and foods, your digestive system is constantly battling trying ti keep things in check. Most people don’t realize that many of the most popular bottled waters are actually very acidic.

We’re overfed and undernourished…

The United States population suffers from one of the biggest obesity problems in the world. Some of the fastest selling medications are designed to combat acid reflux and heartburn. You see many of them advertised on TV and in magazines, including Pepcid, Nexium (aka “the purple pill), Prilosec, and of course antacids like Tums, Rolaids, and Pepto Bismol.

What are antioxidants?

Antioxidants are substances such as vitamins C and E, beta carotene and selenium, that may prevent damage to your cells or even repair  damage that has been done. Antioxidants may also improve immune function and perhaps lower your risk for infection and cancer. Antioxidants work by slowing or preventing the damage caused by free radicals that can lead to cell dysfunction and the onset of problems like heart disease and diabetes.* *American Diabetes Association

Health effects?

While the body has its own defenses against oxidative stress, these defenses are thought to become less effective as we age. Research suggests that free radicals play a part in a number of degenerative diseases associated with aging, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and Alzheimer’s. **International Food Information Council (IFIC)

Kangen water and Antioxidants…

Kangen water contains large quantities of negatively charged ions that act as antioxidants in the body. These ions are measured  and and expressed as “ORP” – Oxidation Reduction Potential. This oxidation/antioxidants potential is measured just like golf, the lower the score the better. Here are some examples of popular beverages with their pH and ORP. The pH however, is like baseball, low scores are bad, (below 7 which is neutral) they mean a solution is acidic.